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Cheating DestinyCheating Destiny by James S, Hirsch, is a gripping, can't put it-down book that happens to be about diabetes. Mr Hirsch and his brother both have type I diabetes, and threading through the fascinating historical narrative is the story of his own young son's diagnosIs with type 1, as well as the characters and controversies that dominate diabetes today. ln a wonderful book that has enough sweeping drama and compelling characters to rival fiction, but still provides an excellent overview of the current state of diabetes.

The Challenge Of Childhood DiabetesThe Challenge of Childhood Diabetes
After author Laura Plunkett's seven-year old son Danny was diagnosed with type I diabetes, she felt engulfed by anxiety and overwhelmed by the challenges of his care, her book chronicles the road she and her family traveled to regain a sense of peace and normalcy as well as the quest to control Danny's diabetes by using a whole grain, lower-carb diet. This is a sympathetic and informative guidebook describing the period of adustment to a youngster's chronic diabetes. For any reader who's feeling distraught and alone In the first months or even years of a child's diagnosis with Type I diabetes the book will serve as a knowledgeable friend.

Guide to Accurate Carb CountingThe Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting
The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting is just that, no more and no less. With absolute clarity, in a good, natured tone and without skipping any steps, Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE. explains exacdy how and why to count carbs, how to Interpret a food label, and how to tally the carbs in your own recipes. There are fun quizzes, estimation tools and tricks, and a ton of carb listings for basic foods and restaurant offerings. If you're new to carb counting and feel buffaloed by the whole idea, then this could be the book for you.