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Make Over Your Metabolism

Just three hours of high-intensity exercise per week is enough to help you get in shape, says nationally recognized fitness expert Robert Reames. Although this book isn't specific to people with diabetes, it offers a variety of exercise routines for any fitness level. You can choose from several resistance workouts that include the stability ball, elastic tubing, free weights, or gym machines. Step-by-step pictures showing proper positioning and motion accompany the exercises. Talk to your diabetes educator before taking the book's personal fitness challenge and starting the fourweek program.

By Robert Reames. Meredith Books; 254 pages; $24.95.

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes

Author and mother Laura Plunkett shares her journey after learning her son has type 1 diabetes.

Through her own family's trials and triumphs, she helps others navigate the complexities of managing diabetes, including sibling rivalry, parent involvement, marital stress, and social pressures. The book also includes a survival guide for the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of caring for a child with a chronic illness.

By Laura Plunkett with Linda Weltner. iUniverse; 168 pages; $15.95.

Cheating Destiny

From the burden of control to challenges and successes, James Hirsch shares his personal and revealing views of living with diabetes for 29 years. As he was writing the book, his 3-year-old son also developed diabetes. Hirsch calls managing to live with the disease cheating destiny. He shares his views of the diabetes subculture, the tendency toward secrecy, and the remarkable perseverance-even heroism required to survive. Filled with personal stories and anecdotes, this book carries an empowering voice of empathy.

By James S. Hirsch. Houghton Mifflin; 320 pages; $25.00.

My Diabetes Organizer

Looking for a convenient way to keep your diabetes information at your fingertips? This organizer has pockets, dividers, charts, and checklists. It includes a medication log, 12-month checkup charts, plans you can customize to manage your diabetes, a health-care team directory, and a place to file medical bills, insurance information, and more. You can easily track your progress, keep all your important information together, and have consistent documentation to take to your diabetes checkups.

By Gina Barbetta, M.S., R.D., CDE, and Valerie Rossi. North Hill Publishing; 86 pages; $24.95.