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Diabetes Health - www.diabeteshealth.com

Published continuously for 14 years, Diabetes Health magazine provides objective, sometimes controversial, but always balanced articles about living with diabetes. Sign up for their weekly newsletter and free online magazine. You can see Laura Plunkett’s latest article at http://digital.diabeteshealth.com/read/09/08/11.html

MOVING FORWARD... WITH DIABETES: Insights from parents of children with diabetes


This DVD is interesting, informative and very reassuring. I like the different points of view, the variety in the ages of the children, and the comprehensive look at the issues that parents face every day. The overall message is one of compassion for both the adults and children involved with a strong dose of hope and optimism

Diabetes In Controlwww.diabetesincontrol.com

The mission of Diabetes In Control is to be the world leader of current and accurate on-line diabetes information for medical professionals.  They promote  increased understanding of the care and treatment of diabetes, ultimately helping the medical professional to empower the patient to better self-care.
You can see Laura Plunkett’s latest articles at: diabetesincontrol.com/categoryresults.php?recordID=48

Diabetes Mine blog by Amy Tenderich – www.diabetesmine.com

A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes. Check back often for Amy’s analysis on the latest diabetes developments.

Small companies providing low-glycemic delicious options:

Alpine Icewww.mtnherbal.com – This company produces a delicious line of low-glycemic frozen desserts which are available through Whole Foods Market. They are currently test marketing some baked goods, so keep your eyes open for more.

Natural Feast Gourmet Pieswww.naturalfeast.com  - At our book signing, my son ate slices of each variety throughout the afternoon. With the correct dose of insulin, he had no rise in blood sugars. Perfect to serve for parties and they ship.

SweetLeaf Stevia - www.wisdomnaturalbrands.com - SweetLeaf offers a variety of sweet supplements made from Stevia, a naturally sweet plant that is much sweeter than sugar. It is also completely calorie-free, all-natural, and has a zero glycemic index.

Diabetes handbags for men and women:

aDorn Designswww.adorndesigns.com - Stylish, high quality medical handbags for people wanting an alternative solution for organizing their diabetes supplies.

An important food initiative:

Field-to-Platewww.fieldtoplate.com  - Founder Amanda Archibald develops food education programs, products and events that present food choice, learning and the eating experience in new and deeply meaningful ways. She is helping bring healthy food programs into schools across the country.