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"The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes"

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Hi Laura,

Thank you for replying in person - I was quite taken aback at that.

Your story of life with Danny has turned our world around. That is why I wanted to sign up for your news letter- as keeping up to date with Diabetes is essential to say the least-pointed noted in your book.

I have always been a 'health-freak'- seaweed, my own raw vegetables juices- no processed food etc but my family would just look and say not me!

When our 12 years old son (my only child) Barry was diagnosed last year 25/08/06- I have to claim ignorance as I had no idea in the world what was coming our way- I though no more sweets ( I though secretly, I will have him eating healthy) even the mention of 2 injections daily did not worry me- I though one in the morning and one at bed time- wow I can still recall thinking those thoughts - sort of out of body experience- how can one explain to parents what is ahead?

"How can one explain to parents what is ahead?"

I never know anything about complications- what more can I say.

Only last night as we decided on the ratio 1: 18 or 1:22 I though of the line when your husband said how frustrating this is- as is keeps moving around, there are no set rules- I had to smile. Great to know that someone many miles away or just maybe the next block is standing in my shoes.

I bought your book looking for a story on emotions as a parent- what we got was completely different. Initially I found it a hard read- as it was charged with emotions. Took home and roll in the though behind no putting limits on time to get over your grief- Yip still have those showers where escape/tears is the order of the day. Barry's father lives in France and Barry lives with me and my husband to be for the past 5 years. I have such support from this man and he views Barry as his own son- he checks this feet every night and applies cream- gets up early to weigh breakfast and prepare the school supplies and gives me a shoulder to cry on.

Unlike you guys, our paths are not graced with the presence of our family- so it is just us ! That does not get me down too much- I miss the breaks and time off but there are bigger issues at stake- for now I have to shelve those feelings.

We left the hospital with the same food diary as before Barry was diagnosed. As I piled on coffee cake and sweets (more than he would have got before he was diabetic) because life was so tough for him I had (foolish) to over compensate with sweets and the BS rolled high and over. We were giving him 25units per meal (during a growth spurt) but when I think back now 25- that was madness.

Taking the plunge of healthy eating, as explained in the beginning of this mail was easy for me , as I was doing it for years but getting Barry on board was/is up hill but we try to make if fun. Our word of the day - thanks to you is 'Holistic'- that is how we view Barry's health now. Yes, his body is limping- if you like so he must be assisted in every way possible through health eating to maintain and perverse.

We have dropped all high GI's and processed, sweets etc- However Sat/Sun he gets to choose what he would like to eat and yes the BS that night reflect this mad decision- we figure he is only a child but I do intend weeding out this habit slowly to one meal- as Barry is looking for mashed potatoes- a bucket load and a mars bar!!!!

I have limited carbohydrates at night and his blood sugars have gone form 20 (360 at 2am ) to 9 (162). Still too high, so we know that we still have to refine his overall diet but we are on the way. We purchased Dr. Bernstein book but Gonzalo, my partner says' I prefer Danny's mother approach' and we keep the occasional apple and fruit up there. Holistic after all.

Sorry to have gone on and on by I know no other parent who either has a child with Diabetes or who sticks to a controlled carb diet. Over hear it is pretty much ADA theory.

Barry has just has to endure a 3 day Glucose monitoring device- the 1st child in our hospital ( we were considered good candidates because of our knowledge- thanks to people like you Laura) and we should get the results today. I think our team is going to have something to say on our new diet- I will let you know- if you wish. We are seeking the pump but we will have to travel to Dublin as in the west of Ireland - that is not carried out- so another chapter ahead of us.

Yes - we too now seek normality- as you said a new normality. You have done tremendous work on your own- a big thank you from my family many miles away.

Sincere best wishes to you Laura and all your family,