Readers' comments about the book
"The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes"

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"Many books cross my desk in the course of a week (six today, four yesterday). Not surprisingly, most of them will never make it onto your radar screen, and frankly, it's for good reason.

But every once in a while, a book comes along that deserves some attention. "The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes, Family Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child" is one of them. Even if you don't have a child with diabetes, chances are you know someone who does ... This book is terrific."

Barbara Meltz, Boston Globe columnist

"Your book has helped me better understand the challenges parents face from the diagnosis and beyond.

An important message I walk away with is that parents must embrace the responsibility to find solutions that work best for their child. Congratulations on a book that should help thousands of families cope with diabetes."

Doug Freeman Writer/Producer of "Moving Forward...with Diabetes" (DVD)
Arnold Creek Productions, Inc.

 “I loved your book! I devoured it! It helps so much to have true "insider info." My son was diagnosed with Type 1 a few months ago and I am diligently making my way through each and every book on juvenile diabetes. Glad to see that your son and your family are doing well! It helps to give me hope for mine! Thank you again and God Bless!”

 Denise P.

"This book provides an opportunity for families newly thrown into the world of managing diabetes to gain a perspective that expands beyond the immediate emotions they feel. I found it very helpful even though my daughter was diagnosed almost five years ago."

G. McGuire
JDRF parent

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes is a book that should not only be read by parents of a diabetic child but is also a great learning source for friends, teachers, and family members.

Lindsey Lawton, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate University of Florida College of Pharmacy in