Book Overview

"The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes" is designed to:

  • Offer day to day and month-by-month support in order to lessen anxiety in parents of newly-diagnosed children.
  • Suggest a wholesome diet for the entire family
  • Help parents bring their children's Hemoglobin A1c below 7.0, preventing long term complications
  • Foster a co-operative, supportive and loving family team approach
  • Advocate for a more active lifestyle, with limited TV and computer use
  • Advise parents to be proactive, creative, independent thinkers
  • Enable parents to find an excellent medical support team
  • Teach parents how to gain co-operation from children with diabetes
  • Encourage parents to consider the benefits of alternative treatments
  • Support the participation of fathers in their children's care
  • Promote marital communication, harmony and closeness
  • Facilitate intergenerational co-operation in the care of children with diabetes
  • Raise medical awareness of the nutritional and psychological needs of parents of children with diabetes