From the back cover of the book
"The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes"

For Parents of Children
with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

When seven-year-old Danny was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, his mother Laura Plunkett, a psychotherapist with a private practice in Marblehead, MA, desperately searched for ways to cope with his life-threatening disease.

Struggling to manage her anxiety over wildly fluctuating blood sugar numbers, transform her reluctant family's diet, and educate friends and teachers, she eventually finds unique ways to help Danny attain excellent blood sugar control and a new and comfortable sense of normal.

To help others weather such shockingly new circumstances, Plunkett and her extended family, share their three-year journey from crisis to confidence with humor and warmth. An intimate look at issues of nutrition, exercise, sibling rivalry, medical care, and holistic medicine, The Challenge of Diabetes is the friend, coach, and consultant that the family of every newly diagnosed child will turn to on a daily basis. Written with her mother, former Boston Globe "Ever So Humble" columnist Linda Weltner, the book includes a Survival Guide for those seeking support and a new emotional perspective.

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes is designed to:

  • Offer day to day and month support in order to lessen anxiety in parents of newly-diagnosed children.
  • Suggest a wholesome diet for the entire family
  • Help parents their children's Hemoglobin A1c below 7.0, preventing long term complications
  • Foster a co-operative, supportive and loving family team approach
  • Advocate for a more active lifestyle, with limited TV and computer use
  • Advise parents to be proactive, creative, independent thinkers
  • Enable parents to consider the benefits of alternative treatments
  • Support the participation of fathers in their children's care
  • Promote marital communication, harmony and closeness
  • Facilitate intergenerational co-operation in the care of children with diabetes
  • Raise medical awareness of the nutritional and pscyhological needs of parents of children with diabetes